We would like to introduce you to our Triangle Community Resources Team. Through hard work and geniune consideration our growing family has created unique position and influence within the communities we serve. Essentially, our success has been built on strong client service that is driven by our hard-working and well appreciated employees.

As a team we strive to bring focus to an ever changing world, and workplace, for our clients. Our diversified staff offers a full portfolio of Personal Development and Employment Services for unemployed, multi-barriered, British Columbians.

As you might expect, it is with admiration that we introduce our Triangle Team!

Brian Chiasson - Contracts Manager/Owner

Bio: Brian Chiasson is the Contracts Manager/Owner and the founder of Triangle Community Resources Inc for the past 20 years. Brian put his vision into action in 1998 when he was awarded a provincial contract in the Maple Ridge/Tri-Cities area to run a program he developed for men facing multiple barriers to employment. Because of Brian's dedication, hard work, strengths and skills in program development and business management, he extended the RITE (Reaching Independence Through Employment) Program to 3 contracts in 2 locations in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley within a three-year period.

He currently manages 6 contracts and 3 sub- contracts throughout the Fraser Valley including; our Ministry of Housing and Social Development Third Party contract in Abbotsford and Mission, our R.I.T.E Program contracts in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, and Maple Ridge with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training Responsible for Labour; as well as our EPBC sub-contracts in Mission, Aldergrove, Langley and Newton. Brian's employment background encompasses facilitating Employment Programs, Personal Addiction Counselling, Conflict Resolution Training, Anger Management and Addictions Behaviour Education. Brian has delivered Conflict Resolution and Addictions Education classes that have been highly valued and sought after by agencies in both the public and private sector.

Brian holds certifications in Life Skills Coaching, Substance Abuse Counselling and Employment Counselling. Brian's experience as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor combined with his certifications in Employment Counselling and Life Skills Coaching enables him to work with and assist all levels of barrier impacted participants.

His knowledge of the restructuring of economies ranges from the fisheries in Newfoundland to the Forest Renewal Program in British Columbia. He has made it his passion and his drive to help clients secure education and employment in a realistic, time and cost effective manner. Brian proudly lives up to his company logo "Motivation, Inspiration, Success".

Lorraine Murdoch - Team Leader

Bio: Lorraine Murdoch has been dedicated to Triangle Community Resources for over 20 years and believes in the company's philosophy and values, which makes her a strong Team Leader. She has been very active in the Employment Counselling field for the past 25 years. One of Lorraine's many passions is supporting women in their journey to gaining empowerment by achieving healthy life styles within the careers of their choice, freedom from addiction and abuse. By doing so, she has also been actively employed for the past 18 years as a Women's Support Worker in a community Women's Transition House for Women and Children fleeing abuse and/or violence.

Lorraine's ongoing energy and enthusiasm for change has lead her involvement in various memberships where she is actively involved in her community and neighborhood. She holds Certificates in First Responders Training, Employment Counselling, Group Facilitating, Business Administration, SASSI Assessment Training (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory), ongoing training in her fields of interest and has completed her Certification in Substance Abuse Counselling from the University College of the Fraser Valley. Lorraine has an empathetic, direct approach and is highly committed to Triangle, the staff and the clients we serve.

Denise Sadgrove - Finance Manager



Bio: Denise supports the Contracts Manager by providing financial advise for making sound business decisions and overseeing all the business' day to day financial and accounting matters, including supporting operational activities. Denise has been with Triangle Community Resources since 2007; she has over 8 years experience as a Finance Manager for Government funded programs. In addition, Denise has 10 years of business management experience previous to Triangle, managing the operation of multiple Starbucks stores. She is highly skilled in financial management, budgeting, planning and reporting.


Andrea Scarfo- Resource Coordinator

Program: Avia Employment Services

Location: Langley Triangle Community Resources

Bio: Andrea brings 30 years of friendly and caring customer service experience, including 20 years of Business Administration skills. Andrea is currently the Resource Coordinator for the Triangle Work BC Langley Satellite office. She has a strong passion for helping people, from every walk of life, to create better lives for themselves as being a humanitarian is very important to her. She is honored to be a part of the Triangle Community Resources family; the best place to work to give back!

Kyte Gillis - Case Manager/Facilitator

Program: WorkBC Avia Employment Services

Location: Langley Triangle Community Resources

Bio: Kyte was born on Cape Breton Island but grew up in Boston Massachusetts. He moved back to Canada at the age of 15 and graduated from Sydney Academy at the age of 17. He attended St. Francis Xavier University, Florida State and BCIT. Kyte joined Triangle Community Resources in 2013 as a Case Manage/Facilitator. He has worked as an Employment Counsellor, Addictions Counsellor and Facilitator for over 20 years.

Tania S - Third Party Administration

Bio: Tania joined Triangle Community Resources as Program Assistant in 2005 after graduating from UFV's Applied Business Technology Program. Tania pursued a career change that would be rewarding on a personal level. She moved into the position of Third Party Administrator in 2009. Tania is proud to be part of such a committed team and looks forward to assisting in all that makes Triangle so successful.


Jacki  Thoreson ~ Administrative Assistant


Program:WorkBC Avia Employment Services

Location: Langley Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Jacki joined Triangle Community Resources in 2018 as a Program Assistant and brings with her a wealth of experience in Office Administration, Coordination and Client-centered service. Jacki started working in employment services in 2013 as an ICM Administrator, processing sensitive data into the Ministry’s Integrated Case Management Database and ensuring Ministry policies and procedures were adhered to. She assisted in the Resource Room and Reception when needed. After having the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients, assisting them with their job search, cover letter and resume writing, Jacki realized how much she enjoys working with clients on achieving their employment goals and seeing those small successes along the way. She completed her Career Development Practitioner Certificate through Douglas College and found that it built the foundation for her skills and abilities in employment services. She believes that all individuals deserve to see their fullest potential and enjoys helping clients recognize that. Jacki believes that seeing those successes, no matter how big or small is what makes the work we do here so meaningful.


Louisa Johnson Employment Counsellor/Facilitator

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Abbotsord Triangle Community Resources

Louisa comes to Triangle with over 10 years’ experience in the Social Services Field. In 2002 Louisa received her Diploma in Social Work. Over the years she continued to upgrade her education, securing her Children Who Witness Abuse Training as well as her Certified Career Development Practitioner Certification.

Louisa spent several years working in Women's Shelters supporting and advocating for Women and Children who were survivors of violence. For the last 8 years she has worked as a Case Manager and Facilitator within various Provincial and Federal funded employment programs; assisting and supporting people with multiple barriers and/or disabilities to work towards improving their lives and finding their purpose. 

In 2010 she began working for Triangle Community Resources Inc. Louisa is passionate about helping her clients move towards increasing their confidence and independence to enhance both their personal growth, and capacity to obtain and maintain employment. Louisa is thrilled to be part of such a fantastic, client centered and supportive agency.

Kelsi Adama Administrative Assitant/ICM Data Entry

Program: Work BC - Aldergrove Triangle Community Resources Inc. Location

Bio: Kelsi has been part of the Triangle team since 2011, bringing with her over 15 years of administrative experience. Over the last 4 years she has been working with multi barriered clients in a variety of capacities within Provincial and Federal funding Employment programs, including Program Assistant for the WRITE/RITE Programs and Case Manager/Administrative Assistant/ICM Data Entry within the newly implemented Work BC program.

Kelsi is very proud to be part of this extraordinary Triangle team. She remains dedicated to devoting her time and energy to assisting and supporting every person that walks through our doors, as well as her co-workers.


Amie Dellezay Career Practitioner/Facilitator

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Abbotsord Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Amie brings a variety of experience working in the client service field for over 10 years. During her professional journey she has been assisting multi barriered clients within roles such as Program Administrator, Case Manager, Personal Development Facilitator and Employment Counsellor working for both the Federal and Provincial Government programming. Amie is enthusiastic, compassionate and committed to helping people raise their self-esteem and move forward with independence.

``I feel very fortunate to be employed at a company that holds such a high level of client services and has such supportive management and staff.``

Megan Porter Program Assistant


Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Abbotsford Triangle Community Resouces


Bio: Megan brings an extensive background in Administration .Having seen first-hand how beneficial these services are to anyone; whether looking for your first job, taking some time away from the workforce, or if you are wanting to explore new employment options –Megan would highly recommend The R.I.T.E. Program.  The Facilitators are passionate about their clients and are supporters and champions of them.  Once you become a part of the Triangle Community, you are a member for life. She looks forward to giving back to the Community!

Karen Osborne Case Manager

Program:Work BC

Location: Mission Triangle Community Resources

Bio: Karen has been part of the Triangle team for the past 7 years. Karen comes with 18 years of substantial experience as a Front Line Worker in the Social Service/Employment sectors, Yet more specifically as a Youth Outreach Support Worker, Life skills Coach, Job Developer, Program Coordinator and Case Manager for Youth at Risk.

For the past 10 years, she has been working as a Case Manager for persons with multiple barriers to employment and has always been connected to Triangle Community Resources as a strong supporter and partner in the community. Along her Career path, she has obtained her Career Development Practitioner, Life Skills Coach, Conflict Resolution, Motivational Interviewing and Crisis Intervention Certifications as her confirmation that it is important to continue on going learning in life.

Karen has stated that one of the many reasons she works for Triangle is that "they believe in people first, and proves this each and everyday with commitment, passion, empathy and humility. Our journeys in life bring to us teachers in all forms and when we are open and listening we will hear the lessons they teach. In my journey through my Career I have had some of my most memorable teachers come to me in unexpected ways and times. From coworkers to clients I serve and it is nice to be home"

Jennifer Thompson  – Resource Coordinator

Program: Avia Employment Services

Location: Langley Triangle Community Resources

Bio: Given the opportunity to gain experience as a supporting player in the employment field, Jennifer joined Triangle Community Resources in 2015. Currently employed as a Resource Coordinator, she brings experience from a background in Administration, Customer Service and Small Business Owner. Jennifer finds her greatest satisfaction in helping others, learning new things, and being able to step in whenever needed.


Barb Litwin - Career Practitioner/Facilitator


Location: Langley/Chilliwack Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Barb joined Triangle in February 2017 bringing many years of experience in provincially funded employment programs for people with multiple barriers, immigrants and persons with disabilities. She has done this in a variety of roles; case manager, facilitator, manager and program development. In each role, she brought motivation, compassion and inspiration for each individual to achieve their success. Barb has a BA from SFU, her TESOL, is a Certified Career Development Practitioner, and has completed multiple Leadership courses at the Justice Institute of BC. For Barb, seeing an individual make the changes to move forward in their lives and believe in themselves makes for a very rewarding career.


Marlene Hohn- - Case Manager


Location: Aldergrove Avia Employment Services

Bio: With 25 years of customer service experience including 10 years of administrative skills, Marlene is currently the Case Manager in the Aldergrove Itinerant office. Marlene has a strong passion for providing caring support to clients that face multiple barriers while encouraging them to explore employment opportunities in an attempt to further their skills and abilities. She is excited and honored to be a part of the Triangle Community Resources family.

Esther Redekopp - Personal Development Facilitator

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Chilliwack & Langley Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Esther's enthusiasm, warm heart and education create the perfect balance of skills required to inspire, motivate and help individuals find their most authentic selves to enable them for success. Having landed in BC from her homeland of Ireland she truly believes she has found her vocational calling and does not hesitate to blurt out "I LOVE My Job".

Esther graduated from SFU as a Career Development Practitioner, is trained as a Life Coach and has pursued training at the Justice Institue relating to Conflict Management. Esther is a life-long learner and passionate about her own personal development. Her journey of highs and lows has gifted many with her incredible strength, courage and enlightenment.

Ashley Hynes - Career Practitioner/Facilitator

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Maple Ridge Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Ashley brings 7 years of experience in the employment industry. She has a passion for helping people move forward in life and gain the skills and confidence to grow personally as well as be able to obtain and secure stable employment.

Ashley has worked as an Administrative Assistant as well as a Case Manager and is now a Program Assistant in our Maple Ridge office.

Ashley left Triangle for less than a year but came back as Triangle is her home. Ashley loves the fact that through all the changes in programs, Triangle stays true to their name and remains client focused. Whether you completed a program with Triangle or something came up and you were unable to finish, you’re also a Triangle participant, if you ever need help just look for our sign. Ashley hopes to one day get into school to further her education in the Social Services field.

Ashley feels no matter the barrier you face, with the right support and guidance you can overcome anything if you work with the right people, you don’t have to do it alone.

Nadine Bush - Program Assistant

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Chilliwack & Langley Triangle Community Resources

Bio: Nadine became a Triangle team member in July 2017 as the Program Assistant. She felt Triangle was right up her alley as her values, morals and passion lie within the same compass as the R.I.T.E. Program curriculum as well as serving individuals with mild to severe barriers.

Her background has been 8 years working with children to adults in schools and group homes whose barriers range from physical & mental disabilities to FAS, Down Syndrome and Autism.

Encouraging and seeing others push past the labels that cause them to believe in their “in-abilities” and instead to live life in their “abilities” is truly remarkable and humbling. She feels fortunate to see many of the R.I.T.E. Programs clients thrive against their odds as well.

Nadine is also an avid animal lover and loves her family, the outdoors, reading and photography


Janet Evans -Career Practitioner/Facilitator


Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Chilliwack & Langley Triangle Community Resources


BIO: I started my career within the Employment Services field over 25 years ago when I arrived from Newfoundland to BC. My professional educational background is with a degree in Community Studies, majoring in Sociology which led me to focus on Career Development and receive my Career Development Practitioner Certificate through Douglas College.

My background and experiences has given me the opportunity to support various demographic populations including but not limited to First Nations, Older Workers and Multi Barriered men and women. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to both learn from and support all the people I have worked with.

I left Triangle in 2012 after 8 years as the Employment Counsellor/Facilitator in the WRITE ( Women Reaching Independence Through Employment)  program and have recently returned within the similar role. I truly love and believe in what this company stands for, offers the clients and community. Happy to be home!



Roy Leathem - Personal Development Facilitator/Employment Counsellor

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Maple Ridge Triangle Community Resources


Bio:Roy recently came to the Mission location as a facilitator. He brings over twenty years of educational and outreach experience. He has worked extensively with the homeless and the addicted and has pioneered several drop-ins and coffeehouses in BC. He loves helping people and engaging our clients in dynamic discussions. Roy is very passionate about his work and believes in motivation for change. His personal experiences and success searching for employment allows him to bring a realistic, hands on approach to the class. He has Degrees in Adult Education and Theology along with diplomas is Substance Abuse Counselling and the Professional Instructors Certification.

Sandee Ferguson ~ Program Assistant

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Maple Ridge Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Sandee started with Triangle in 2007, as the Program Assistant for the WRITE (Women Reaching Independence Through Employment) Program up until 2010. Sandee brings over 25 years of extensive administrative experience and knowledge. Over the past 8 years, she has worked in Dental Administration, as a senior leader, training and implementing policies, procedures and protocols to ensure overall team successes. Sandee has the ability both professionally and personally to work with diverse clients, showing genuine empathy to connect and support our clients to move forward. Sandee is grateful to be a part of the Triangle team again, to convey the motivation, inspiration and success which are the core foundations that Triangle was built on and which she is honored to be a part of.


Alex Lekei ~ Personal Development Facilitator/Employment Counsellor

Program: RITE Job Readiness Program

Location: Langley Triangle Community Resources


Bio: Alex has worked in the helping industry for the last 10 years and has a personal passion for empowering his clients to find their own personal passion & purpose in their life.  He has developed a client centered based approach to counseling and professional development coaching.  In his previous roles Alex has worked as an Addictions Counsellor and a Life Skills Coach and holds certifications in counseling and community support work. 

As someone who is also dedicated to global community development, Alex has participated in outreach programs in developing countries; Costa Rica and Guyana, which has opened his heart, creating a spirit of gratitude for all that we have in this world.

Facilitating groups with an authentic, genuine, and compassionate energy Alex believes whole-heartedly in the culture of Triangle to; “Motivate & Inspire clients to Succeed in their own way.”  It does not matter where you have been or where you are going on your journey, we are all walking together, encouraging each other along the way. You will always be welcome.



























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